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Links to technical resources, helpful when making bots or other algorithmic agents that would critically intervene in algorithmic culture. Resources are divided along the lines of coding literacy required to make the resource useful.

Bot resources

Useful for people with little coding skills

Cheap Bots, Done Quick!

A tutorial for easy-to-make Twitter bots.

Glitch community for bot makers

A community for bot-making, including tutorials and resources.


A user-friendly wiki for bot-making that includes tutorials, data sets, and source code for use on various platforms.

Botmakers community

A community for makers of useful, mostly friendly and artistic online bots.

How to make a Twitter Bot with Google Spreadsheets

A tutorial for making a simple Twitter bot without needing extensive programming skills.

Bot resources

Useful with some coding experience


A toolkit for making bots for messaging platforms, including an application boilerplate and library.

Darius Kazemi's Github repository

Numerous resources and open source code for bot-making from internet artist and bot-maker Darius Kazemi. Including examplebot, a tutorial with code for making a simple Twitter bot.

Bot Stash

A directory of resources and tools for making chat bots.

Bot Resources

A directory for bot-making, including tutorials, tools and communities.


Solidity is a contract-oriented, high-level language for implementing smart contracts. It was influenced by C++, Python and JavaScript and is designed to target the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). it is possible to create contracts for voting, crowdfunding, blind auctions, multi-signature wallets and more.

Bot resources

Useful for advanced coders

20 Weird & Wonderful Datasets for Machine Learning

Interesting and strange open datasets, including a dataset of 80,000 UFO reports.


Toolkit for creating computational literature software that works with natural language.

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