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Art Bots

Random Darknet Shopper is an exhibition-based automated online shopping bot by !Mediengruppe Bitnik. With a weekly spending budget of $100 worth of Bitcoins, Random Darknet Shopper goes shopping on the deep web and randomly purchases one item per week which it ships to its exhibition space.

Google Will Eat Itself is a bot by Alessandro Ludovico and ubermorgen that generate money by serving Google text advertisments on a network of hidden Websites and then using that money to buy shares in Google.

Webdriver Torso is a Youtube bot that makes clips from slides with blue and red square compositions. By some it was thought to be a channel to publish abstract visual art, but it turned out to be a system to daily test the upload conditions for youtube.

GlitchBot is a Flickr-based bot that generates automated glitch art from other Flickr user’s photostreams.

Seebotschat is an experiment consisting of two Google Home devices set up to perpetually talk to one another. The experiment was live-streamed on

Shiv Integer is bot created by Matthew Plummer-Fernandez in collaboration with Julien Deswaef that rummages through the 3D models published at Thingiverse. It randomly combined to existing model to a new 3Dmodel that than is published at  Thingiverse.

Picnic Randomizer is a bot that brings a pychogeographical edge to the picnic experience. It order random food from a random restaurant, to be delivered at a random location and then orders an Uber ride for you to that location as well. Don't forget utensils.

Jan Bot, the first filmmaking bot hired by EYE Filmmuseum to bring film heritage to the algorithmic age, generating an average of twenty algorithmic fictions per day since May 2017.

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Shiv Integer, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez & Jullen Deswaef.

Flawed Bots and Algorithmic Agents

Tay was a chatbot launched by Microsoft via Twitter in 2016. After being trolled by a internet users Tay began tweeting increasingly inflammatory and offensive statements - forcing Microsoft to shut Tay down only 16 hours after it's launch.

FaceApp's 'Hot' filter. One of the FaceApp selfie-app's filters changes a photographed face to make it look more pretty. It also changes darker skin tones lighter. The system is a machine learning application that was obiviously trained on a dataset only consisting of white faces.

Critical Bots

@NRA_Tally is a Twitter bot created in the wake of a mass shooting in California that keeps score of all the gun violence in the USA by generating murderous hypothetical scenarios using relevant gun violence data.

Wikipedia Janitor Bots. Wikipedia: List of bots by number of edits is a list of the bots created and employed to edit English Wikipedia.

@congress-edits is bot that tweets when Wikipedia edits are anonymously made from an IP address in US Congress.

Treasure Column is a Youtube bot by Derek Arnold that steals and streams footage from a list of insecure security cameras accessible over the web.

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Treasure Column: ▂▃NTINUATIONS, Derek Arnold.
Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, R&D Department
Adriaan Odendaal